Prince Eccentro

Prince Ludwig Von Monsterstein Eccentro (Count Ludwig Presto Von Meinstein Collection in the original version) or Prince Eccentro for short, is leader of the Collection team and one of the principle antagonists of the series.


An incarnation of the Sissy Villain, Count Collection would like to rule the worlds but doesn't always have the willpower to so much as get out of bed to do so. Once he does get on the way, he is painstakingly incompetent. His behavior is erradic and unruly as a spoiled child, incapable of maturely handling failure, which occurs a lot. His villainy is much much like bullying, though with potentially lethal consequences. He has little problem with putting others in lethal situations and experiences no remorse over it. Usually though, if the heroes don't get in the way, his own foolishness does. He does have a heart, which he doesn't seem to know what to do with